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I am Eduard, a passionate motorcyclist in his twenties. In May 2019 my friend Thomas and I start on an extended journey, which will bring us from Western Germany to Lake Baika in Siberia, Russia. Everyone, who enjoys vast landscapes, breathtaking mountain ranges and petrol smell in their noses might enjoy following our trip.

With us tying out Supermotos, the enthusiasm for single-cylinder motorcycles was born. In 2019 the opportunity finally arose  to combine travelling and riding bikes and to realise the dream of a long-distance motorbike journey in a months-long adventure.

About Motorcycle Tour Harz Honda CBR600F Suzuki GSXR 750w

We have been riding motorcycles together for a number of years now, starting on old Japanese super-sport bikes. We also made our first travel experiences on these motorcycles. Tent and sleeping bag strapped to the pillion seat and fresh breath of air are distraction enough to forget the the sporty seating position, and so we made our first journeys into the mountainous regions of Germany and down to Italy.

When planning our trip, reports, hints and information gathered from other travellers helped us a lot. So on this website we want to tell the story of our trip and share our experiences in order to give something back. So please enjoy reading, watching or just scrolling through the pictures.