About HorizonHunt

I am Eduard, and I love to ride motorcycles. Mostly I use two wheels to explore those parts of this world that are still unknown to me and to head into the next adventure and awesome stories.
Always leaving my comfort zone and learning new perspectives from other people and foreign places makes me feel alive.
Often on two wheels, sometimes just backpacking. Most of the time I take my camera with me to capture a wide variety of stories of people, cultures, adventures and travels. Some of them I show and tell on this blog. Photos and videos taken away from traveling can be found on this website: eduardunruh.de

About Motorradtour Harz Honda CBR600F Suzuki GSXR 750w

My motorcycle career started a few years ago on an aged Japanese supersport bike. But at some i realized using the bike not only for Sunday rides, but also for more extended trips, would be even more fun. Packing tent and sleeping bag onto the backseat i went to travel across Germany, visiting motorcycle travel meetups and going all the way down to Italy. The blow of fresh air and the prospect of adventure are distraction enough from the not so travel-like seating position on a sportsbike. Starting to ride supermotos as well my enthusiasm for single-cylinder motorcycles was born. So finally, in 2018, I acquired a Suzuki DR650 SE, that is used to solo travel for the first time ans crisscrossing Italy and France for two weeks. I still own the bike to this day. This trip was also a kind of test run, whether I could imagine traveling on a motorcycle for several months on my own or not. The summary: Yes I defintely could.

In May 2019, a friend and I went on our first really big motorcycle trip, from Germany within five months crossing Central Asia and Mongolia to Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia. Unfortunately, this trip lasted only one month in the end, you can find the story behind it in the blog section of this website.

The long injury and Covid have not allowed any major trips for now, but 2022 I’m on the road again: With the adventure proven DR i go south from Germany, traversing all of the Balkans until hitting Greece.

When planning my trips, I often rely on information, reports and tips from other travelers. So on this website I would like to give back, share my impressions and pictures and make my researched knowledge and collected experiences available to enjoy for anyone interested.

Have fun!